Frank Gerritz at Casal Solleric, Palma de Mallorca

Frank Gerritz is a German artist of international relevance whose work is present in major museums and important private collections, but undoubtedly what characterizes the artist from Hamburg is the high quality of his work, the predominant use of black, the line, the cubes and the right angle with the lack of any ornament, are offset by the exquisiteness of the material, the neatness of the finish and the precision of its execution. All of this is protected by a certain formal mysticism and spiritual aura that pursues distinction through the beauty of the austere, the distance from stridency, the purity of the simple, the neutrality of the apparently unsophisticated and the rejection of the commonplace.

Gerritz’s work conveys cosmic infinity and serenity of mind very close to transcendentalism. It is a work that does not threaten chaos and whose grandeur can be felt in contemplation. The elegant pictorial sobriety of his wall sculptures and the rhythm of his series achieve the purest manifestation of serene harmony and plenitude.

This conceptual simplicity and the fact of remaining anchored in a purely ideal notion of beauty and harmony is typical of times in which refuge is sought in the knowledge of some stable, solid and eternal values as opposed to the ephemeral, the corporeal, the evanescent, the fungible, or the relative and liquid of which Zygmunt Bauman speaks, and which floods our time. Therefore, Frank Gerritz’s exhibition is pleasantly timely to experience the phenomenology of perception, requires contemplation and invites reflection, all of which is undoubtedly enormously convenient in times of great uncertainties.

Text by Luis Juan de Sentmenat García-Ruiz, curator

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