Art Genève 2024

“Painting revisited”

Galerie Haas Zürich’s presentation is including works by Ina Gerken, Frank Gerritz, Martha Jungwirth, Per Kirkeby, Astrid Klein, Gary Kuehn, Louise Nevelson, Reinhard Pods, Joan Snyder, Arnulf Rainer and George Rickey, all of them collectively redefining the boundaries of artistic expression. From Gerken’s, Jungwirth’s and Snyder’s emotionally charged abstractions to Nevelson’s transformative assemblages, Rickey’s kinetic wall pieces, Kuehn’s and Kirkeby’s exploration of materiality to Rainer’s powerful gestures, Frank Gerritz and Astrid Klein’s intellectual intensity and Reinhard Pods deep expressionism, this presentation showcases the diversity and dynamism of painting since the middle of the last century.

“Painting revisited” is a celebration of the artistic evolution and the enduring spirit of creativity. These artists remind us that the act of creation is a timeless endeavor, one that constantly reinvents itself while paying homage to art history.

Installation images

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