Heinz Butz

*1925 Dillingen/Donau – lives in Munich

Heinz Butz, who was born in Bavaria in 1925 and now lives in Munich, belongs to a generation of abstract artists who have never completely denied the relation to the figurative.

While many of his works from the 1960s and 1970s may at first seem reminiscent of works by American minimalists, on closer examination they are more in the tradition of the Cubists and the Bauhaus, especially Paul Klee. For Butz’s works are based on man and his physical dimension and emotion. And the artist loves the quiet play with the forms of withdrawn colourfulness. From 1967 to 1991 he teaches at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich, from 1983 he is a full professor. Since 1995 Heinz Butz is member of the Bavarian Academy of Fine Arts.



“Grasping life consciously with all one’s senses, through seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and feeling, is a concern of many artists. For Heinz Butz, after his existential experiences as a young man, this has become a necessity in order to continually reaffirm for himself life in all its diversity. The same holds for the intellectual understanding of connections both large and small.”

Erika Schlessinger-Költzsch