Michael Günzburger

Michael Günzburger (*1974) lives in Zurich and pursues an extensive exhibition, publication, presentation and studio practice. The production process with its diverse materials and research formats represents the backbone of his work.

His multi-faceted works are exhibited in galleries, museums, art spaces and public places in Switzerland as well as abroad. Günzburger has received several awards, including the Recognition Prize of the Foundation for Graphic Arts in Switzerland, the Monograph Prize of the Canton of Bern, and a long-term scholarship from the Arvoré Foundation.

At the Zurich University of the Arts, he is working, together with Prof. Florian Dombois and Julia Weber, on the research project «Formats of Sharing», laying the foundations for the Doctor of Arts group. In this context, he is also writing his doctoral thesis on “Chimeras“. In collaboration with Prof. Christoph Schenker and Mara Züst, he is the co-author and co-leader of the SNSF-funded research project «Hands-on Documentation of Artistic-Technical Processes in Print»

Since 2012, the artist has published several monographs besides exhibition catalogs: among them Plots (2012), with recipes by Raphael Urweider, and Contact (2018), in collaboration with Lukas Bärfuss, both published by Edition Patrick Frey.

In 2022 he will contribute to exhibitions at the Grafische Sammlung ETH Zürich, Gluri Sutter Huus Wettingen and Kunsthaus Zürich.