About us

Galerie Haas AG in Zurich was founded in June 2003 and run by Dr. Erika Schlessinger-Költzsch for 18 years. Since then, the gallery has been under the guidance of Anna Helwing and thus continues to be the venue for major exhibitions. Of particular importance is the juxtaposition of contemporary and classical positions. In solo presentations or in artistic interventions, established names of classical modernism enter into a dialogue with contemporary artists. Thus, established masters such as Ferdinand Hodler, Félix Vallotton or Antoni Tàpies meet contemporary personalities such as Leiko Ikemura, Pia Stadtbäumer or Jordi Alcaraz. Each exhibition is accompanied by a publication. In addition to its regular programme, Galerie Haas AG participates in international art fairs. In all areas of the gallery’s activities, the focus is on the traditional techniques of painting, drawing and sculpture.