20. Mai – 1. September 2020


I + II

“Distance refers to the shortest distance between two points. But it could also be the A. between two people who meet on the street or stand in a queue (>safety distance).Or you could describe the emotional distance between two people with distance, for example a much needed distance.

Distance also refers to a distance to be maintained to a work of art, especially in exhibition houses and galleries. If these are closed, distance is more of a virtual value, despite the increasing resolution of any reproductions. In the case of works of art acquired by the artist himself, distance can be made as large or small as desired, provided that caution is exercised. There is no spatial, temporal or emotional distance standing in the way of >viewing.”

In order to fight the coronavirus pandemic, precautions have been taken to protect the public all over the world. Museums have been closed. Fairs have been cancelled. The Berlin Gallery Weekend as well as the Paper Positions have been postponed until September. Our three exhibitions, which included works by Ernst Wilhelm Nay, Martha Jungwirth and Jakob Mattner, have been put on hold, until further notice.
It is time to take a step back.

However, this does not mean withdrawing from experiencing art.
Distancing gives space to think and we have made use of this time to reflect on our inventory. This catalogue “Distance“ is the fruit of this process. Artists, art historians and friends of the gallery have all contributed to the catalogue.

Artists featured: