Abraham David Christian
Sculptures and Drawings

31 May – 28 August 2018

About the exhibition

Abraham David Christian

*1952 Ulm – lives in Düsseldorf, New York and Hayama

The formal inspiration for his sculptures and drawings Christian finds in the human body. It is the vertical orientation that gives Christian’s vertical sculptures their positioning and the spiral symbolises the scope of human activities: the physical, mental, intellectual, and spiritual space. A proper form is found in his “Interconnected Sculptures.” Christian’s works were displayed at documenta 5 (1972) and documenta 7 (1982). His first individual exhibition took place in 1973 at Kunsthalle Düsseldorf.

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Selected Artworks

Reinhard Pods, Ohne Titel (will), 1981, Oil on canvas, 200 x 220.3 cm

Abraham David Christian
Interconnected Sculpture

85 x 130 x 65 cm

About the exhibition

Abraham David Christian Galerie Haas AG Zürich

Abraham David Christian finds formal basis for sculpture and drawing in the human body, in its dimensions, symmetries, asymmetries and movements. It is the vertical alignment that gives Christian’s abstract sculptures their posture. And it is the spiral that symbolizes man’s radius of action, that is, his physical, mental, intellectual and spiritual space. He finds his adequate form in the “Interconnected Sculptures” he calls them. Precisely because these works also function eccentrically.

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