6. March – 4. April 2014

John Isaacs

The Architecture of Empathy

What connects a coloured urinal tilted horizontally, an iron chair with a chain, a two-color circular neon work, a hemaus of assembled fabric licks, an old rusty stove with a human plaster foot on a wooden pallet, and a watercolour? An eclectic aesthetic idea, a plastic thought or the idea that everything is connected to everything? What is true is that his works are never non-committal. They are intense and focused, no matter how different they may seem. Quotation, irony, and a special kind of humour play a supporting role in all of his works. For Isaacs, as a Young British Artist born and raised in England, this is an important trait. But high and low, spiritual and profane, political and socially relevant are also part of his work characteristics. And not to forget the pretentious and aesthetically demanding! We are constantly reminded of other artists from different eras, and yet we are in the midst of John Isaacs’ work.

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