18. October – 16. November 2012

Pia Stadtbäumer & Félix Vallotton

All Eyes On You

A great deal of attention is currently being paid to Félix Vallotton: for example, in a drawing exhibition at the Kunstmuseum Winterthur or in the new hanging of the painting collection at the Museum zu Allerheiligen in Schaffhausen. The Haas Gallery in Zurich also shows an interest in Vallotton, albeit shared with Pia Stadtbäumer. All Eyes On You – the title of the show – is about the gaze: the gaze on the work of art and the gaze on the viewer.

In the case of Pia Stadtbäumer, these are four naked, lolling female figures that we get to see, and the gaze and gestures of these women towards us. In Vallotton’s painting “Woman with Fan” from 1912, a beautiful woman, reminiscent of Goya’s Ladies, looks at us teasingly out of the picture; in Vallotton’s 1905 work “Femme tenant sa chemise”, a beautiful half-naked young woman tempts our voyeuristic gaze. Seeing and being seen, looking, gawping, gazing, posing, curling and provoking, and all the feelings that can be associated with them, are offered in this exhibition.

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