Stefan Vogel combines drawing, writing and forms into a dense unity. His linguistic images are characterized by the influence of concrete poetry. In often multi-part wall works and room-filling installations, he interweaves the organic and the artificial into fragile networks of relationships. Like a cartographer, he locates paths, heights and depths of the terrain to be mapped out. The images created in this way are reminiscent of wastelands. Vogel himself interprets them with the term “wasteland”, thus intensifying the vulnerable state of pausing and not being exhausted. Something lies still – but restlessness crystallizes inside! Chaos and order, like suffering and prosperity, arise from the same possibility. Only time and logic change, again and again and anew. The specific material and color aesthetics of Vogel’s works are based on the use of everyday objects, natural materials and building materials. Rhythmically repeating essential elements of form, color and substance, decay and chance inspire the anarchy of things and words. On the one hand proliferation, on the other structure, concentration and reduction. With the help of this complementary principle, Vogel works on a visual equivalent of complex relationships. The works can thus be used as projection surfaces for unsolvable conflicts of inner sensitivities, for recurring mechanisms in social or family constellations and for interpersonal communication.