Jakob Mattner, who studied at the State University of Fine Arts Berlin (1967 – 1972) and was supported by grants and awards in Italy and France (Villa Serpentara in Olevano, DAAD in Rome, Villa Romana in Florence, Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris), has been creating graphic, painterly and sculptural work in the transitions between light and dark.

The iconicity of Malevich or the light dynamics of Moholoy-Nagy, the post-revolutionary constructivism, the Chiaroscuro from Caravaggio to the simple means of Arte Povera have influenced him. In his art Jakob Mattner has created a singular freedom of a continued avant-garde.
Pontus Hultén wrote about his work that it was shaped by the mystery of perspective, researched and enhanced by the means of light. In “Blick zur Sonne” he cooperated with astrophysicists from the Einstein Tower in Potsdam and displayed the overlapping of art and research in several exhibitions. He has been creating light stages as echo spaces for readings for the Berlin International Literature Festival since 2001.
Jakob Mattner’s work has been exhibited in museums, biennials and galleries in Europe, Russia, the USA and South America. The artist lives in Berlin.